Hommaru Palace Second term General public Introduction & Video

Interview summary by The Nagoya Castle General Administration Office General Manager Nishino Terukazu

In the first stage construction work public presentation, general public presentation of Entrance Room and Front Reception Hall was carried out.Entrance Room and Front Reception Hall are the place where visitors, such as a daimyo, and Owari feudal lord meet.

Audience Hall and Sub Dining Hall were exhibited in June, 2016.Since Audience Hall is a place where the feudal lord relaxes with relatives, atmosphere differs from Entrance Room and Front Reception Hall.Although the overbearing tiger etc. are drawn on screen paintings in Entrance Room, genre paintings are drawn on screen paintings in Audience Hall.

The visitors can see the construction process of Hommaru Palace from the inspection passage. Limited public presentation is carried out on Wednesday, and Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday. In the wood processing place, processing operation of timbering is performed and visitors can inspect except Sunday.

A museum shop is due to be established in autumn of 2016 .