Tokugawa Ieyasu & Hattori Hanzo Ninja party

Hattori Hanzo Ninja party

This group is six persons' ninja group centering on Hattori Hanzo which has a connection in Aichi Prefecture. It was formed in order to turn and send the charm of Aichi Prefecture to in and outside the country.

The summary of the performance

Oda Nobunaga facing the governing the whole country was staying at Kyoto in order to take control of the Chugoku and the Shikoku district. In June, 1582, Nonunaga passed away by the rebellion of Nobunaga's vassal Akechi Mitsuhide in Honno-ji temple. It is referred to as Honnoji Incident (Honnoji-no-hen).

Tokugawa Ieyasu visited Azuchi Castle by invitation of Nobunaga just before Honnoji Incident. Tokugawa Ieyasu had connected the hard alliance to Nobunaga. When Honnoji Incident occurred, Ieyasu was staying at Sakai near Kyoto. the report of Nobunaga death reached Ieyasu. In order to escape pursuit of Akechi Mitsuhide, the escape over 200km to Okazaki was tried across the steep mountains of Iga. Hattori Hanzo who was the leader of Iga Ninja party and subordinate's Ninjas protected Ieyasu and arrived at Okazaki(the territory of Ieyasu) safely.

When Ieyasu established the Edo Shogunate,they became a vassal of Ieyasu. Ieyasu ordered them to perform defense of the Edo castle west gate. The gate was called Hanzoumon and the name of the place remains even now.