Area ⑪Tsurumai Park(The first park in Nagoya)

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Area ⑪

The Nagoya castle town (present)


The whole Tsurumai park was a damp area in lowlands. When the Shinhorikawa river was built, the discharged earth and sand buried and the Tsurumai park was made. Moreover, there was also the purpose used as a venue of The 10 th Kansai prefectures union competitive exhibision held in 1910. This exposition was held for three months and assembled 2,600,000 visitors.

The zoo opened in 1918 and business was continued till 1937 to be transferred to Higashiyama.

In 1928, the exposition which congratulates Emperor Showa on his accession to the throne was held by the hall in the Tsurumai park.

Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall was built in 1930.

Around from 2009, reputation that the location was the best for a photography place was circulated between cosplayers. Now, it is known all over the country as a mecca of cosplayers.

Tsuruma Park Flower Festival

End of March - beginning of April

The Tsuruma park is a famous place of cherry blossom viewing in Nagoya. About 1,000 full bloom cherry trees are lit up.

End of May - the middle of June

90 kinds and about 20,000 shares of Japanese irises are best time to see.

Beginning of June - beginning of July

2,300 shares of hydrangeas are best time to see.

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