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The Nagoya castle town (present)


The Osu neighborhood was the suburbs of Nagoya Castle Town in early stages of the castle town construction. Many large and small temples were built and the South Teramachi town was formed. In order to activation of this area ,Tokugawa Mitsutomo(The second generation of Owari clan feudal lord) accepted the execution ground relocation or a performance of play. Since Tokugawa Muneharu(The seven generation) advanced this policy further, the Osu neighborhood became a typical amusement center in Nagoya.

The playhouse, the movie theater, etc. piled up Osu and it was crowded till Meiji Era, Taisho Era, and Showa Era. When it passed over the middle of Showa Era, decline of Osu shopping center started. The movie theater and playhouse which existed in large numbers also disappeared.

The motion which regains the activity of Osu started late in the 1970s. Prosperity was again regained by holding of the Osu-chonin festival, or completion of the 1st-2nd Ameyoko building. Now, maid cafe etc. opens a shop, Osu also serves as a place of information dispatch of counterculture. Shopping by walking along the analog arcade town is the charm of Osu.

Introduction of The temple

Osu Kannon Temple

The official name is Shinpukuji Hoshoin.It transferred from Osu(present Hashima City) in early stages of the Edo period(1603-1867). THE KOJIKI:Records of Ancient Matters duplicate copy(a national treasure) and 15000-volume old book are possessed in the Osu Bunko(library).Setsubun-e (setsubun ceremonies) is performed on February 3. Street fair will be performed on the 28th on the 18th every month, and antique market will be opened.

Banshoji Temple

In 1540, it was built by Oda Nobuhide(Oda Nobunaga's father) south of present Nagoya Castle as a family temple of the Oda family.At the time of the Nagoya Castle construction, Banshoji were transferred to Osu in 1610 for castle town construction. Now, electronics retail stores and computer shops are being accumulated around the temple, and it is known as one of the three major Japanese electricity towns. The Oda Nobunaga's mechanical doll is installed in Hondo's third floor partial surface of a wall, and demonstration is performed.

Otani sect of Shinshu Nagoya Betasuin(branch temple)

This temple was built at the about 33,000 square metre former site of the Furuwatari castle which Tokugawa Mitsutomo(the 2nd generation of Owari feudal domain ) contributed in 1690. In early stages of Meiji Era(1868-1912) came the temporary government building of Aichi Prefectural Office. Although burned down by the air raid in 1945, Hondo(the main hall of the temple) was rebuilt in 1966. The morning fair is held in the precincts of a temple on the 28th every month.

Eikokuji Temple

The Eikokuji circumference was located in the southernmost end of Nagoya Castle Town. This place was used as the Senbon Matubara execution ground the early stages of the Edo period. When the time of the Tokugawa Mitsutomo(the 2nd generation of Owari feudal domain ) had come, the private houses were also built on the outskirts and the execution ground was relocated to Dokino(Present Kiyosu City).This temple was built in order to perform a memorial service for executed criminal. Since many Christians were also executed, there is Christian grave in the precincts of the temple. Moreover, there are also historical records of a Christian , and are opened to the public.

Event and Festival

Osu Spring Festival

The first Saturday and Sunday in April/Osu Kannon & Precincts of Banshoji ,etc

A performance of the Osu Taiko(japanese drum) by a local schoolchild and a local idol's stage are also performed.

Uma-no-to Kodomo mikoshi

Second Sunday in May/Osu shopping center whole region

Local children shoulder the mikoshi((portable shrine)) of a horse's head, and they march through a shopping center, praying for health.


First Sunday in August/Osu Kannon & Osu shopping center whole region

Many shops about animation or a game are located in Osu, and it is known also as a town of OTAKU (geek). Cosplayers in the world concentrates and performance is unfolded.

Osu Summer Festival

First Saturday and Sunday in August/Osu Kannon & Osu shopping center whole region

The Samba and Cosplayers parade, a Bon festival dance convention, TEDUTU fireworks, etc. are performed.

Osu Daido Chonin Festival

Saturday and Sunday in mid-October(It holds on the same day as the Nagoya Festival.)

This festival is a big event of Street performing. The street performance of juggling, dancing, pantomime, toad oil selling, etc. is announced. The Oiran Dochu(procession of courtesans)is the special feature of a festival. The courtesans sought from citizens parade in the Osu shopping street.

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