Area ⑨South Otsu-dori(street) & Hisaya-odori Park

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Area ⑨

The Nagoya castle town (present)


The center of the finance and the commerce of Nagoya was the circumference of Tenmacho- Hommachi crossing till the middle of Meiji Era(1868-1912). The head office of a bank, the branch, and the securities exchange were being accumulated. After the Nagoya station started business and the Hirokoji street was extended west, when the streetcar was opened for traffic between Nagoya station-Hisaya in 1898, the center of the finance and the commerce of Nagoya began to move to Sakaemachi. The Bank of Japan Nagoya branch relocated to the sakaemachi(sakae) crossing northeast angle in 1897, and Ito-Gofukuten relocated to the sakaemachi(sakae) crossing southwest angle. The new store was the first department store in Nagoya. The head office and the branch of main banks also took out the store, and the Sakaemachi(Sakae) circumference became the shopping quarter representing Nagoya.

1970 When Japan was continuing high growth of the economy, the sunday promenadea walk started. Although continued till 1984, it was stopped for traffic increase.It has revived in 2012.

The customary event of zone 9

Nagoya Chinese New Year festival

Saturday and Sunday the end of January - early in February

Nagoya Chinese New Year festival is a festival which celebrates the lunar New Year of the China tradition. The China lion dance, Chinese-Acrobat, etc. can perform.

Trip festival Nagoya

Saturday and Sunday in mid-March/Hisayaodori Park

The event which brought national sightseeing information together in a hall.

Haruhime Dochu

Sunday late in April/Pedestrian mall(Minamiotsudori street)

Haruhime Dochu is the princess Haruhime's marriage procession which was married to Tokugawa Yoshinao (the founder of Owari feudal lord ).


Sunday in mid-April/ Pedestrian mall(Minamiotsudori street)

The festival of spring/summer fashion. About 60m specially set-up run way appears in "pedestrian mall.

SAKAE MINAMI Music Festival

Saturday and Sunday early in May

The live event of the music performed in the whole Sakae south area.

SAKAE Cosplay Festival

Sunday the end of May or early in June/Whole Pedestrian mall(Minamiotsudori street)

The cosplayers which gathered from the whole country unfold splendid performance.

The day of Maruhachi

August 8

It is connected with the municipal emblem of Nagoya City and carried out on August 8.

Hirokoji street Summer Festival

Saturday and Sunday late in August/Hirokoji street

The big event of summer in Nagoya.A float, a music parade, etc. are performed and 500,000 or more gather.

Nippon Domannaka Matsuri

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday late in August

About 200 teams participates from in and outside the country, and the dance of a rich regional colour is announced.

Hurusato Zenkoku Kenzinkai Festival

Saturday and Sunday early in September/Hisayaodori Park

The festival of an association of people from the same prefecture of the Tokai district

Nagoya Festival-Nagoya Matsuri

Saturday and Sunday in mid-October/Pedestrian mall(Minamiotsudori street)

The greatest autumn festival of Nagoya. 3 Heroes of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu are followed by about 600 persons, and the march is the main of the festival.


Sunday late in October/Pedestrian mall(Minamiotsudori street)

The festival of autumn/winter fashion.About 60m specially set-up run way appears in "pedestrian mall.

Yattokame Cultural Festival

The end of October - the end of the month in November

The festival of the culture which brought together the history and culture of Nagoya in a hall.

Sakae South & Osu Winter illuminations

From middle November

2.7km roadside trees are colored with blue and white LED illuminations of 400,000 balls .

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