Area ⑦The history walk of Sike-michi(path)

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Area ⑦

The Nagoya castle town (present)


Horikawa River is a canal which flows through the west side of Nagoya Castle Town from Atsuta to Nagoya Castle. In parallel with the Minoji(way) , Shikemichi(way) passes in the Horikawa River west coast between Naka Bridge from Gojo Bridge.After the conflagration in 1700, Shikemichi (way) was widened in order to prevent the spreading fire to a merchant's family.In along Horikawa near Shikemichi (way), the wealthy merchant's store had put eaves in a row.Many warehouses remain in Shikemichi (way) located in the reverse side of a merchant's family still now.It is the precious spot which can enjoy the scenery of the Edo period in Nagoya.

The Shikemichi path present neighborhood

The circumference of Shikemichi path along which you can walk from the Nagoya station attracts attention as foppish sightseeing spot of Nagoya in recent years. An Italian dish, a French cuisine, the Spain food, etc. can be enjoyed looking at the scenery of the Edo period(1603-1867). The store which left the image of Showa Era(1926-1989) is located in a line with the Endoji shopping street. It temporarily declined for the reasons of that the route of the Meitetsu Seto line was changed in 1976, and the Horikawa station was abolished, the discontinued line of a street car, etc. In recent years, the movement toward activation becomes active by young storekeepers, and various events are held. A new way is progressed as oasis of the city along which he can walk from the developing Nagoya station.

Event and Festival

Hina dolls tour around Endoji town and Shikemichi path

The middle of February - March 3

Hina dolls( a set of dolls displayed through the Girls' Festival season) is decorated at a surrounding shop front. A walk can be enjoyed looking at a Hina dolls map.

Endoji town Tanabata Matsuri(Star Festival)

End of July - the beginning of August/Endojishopping street・Endojihonmachi shopping street

A noted product is decoration of Haribote(kite-skin doll).Many stalls are located in a line with an arcade, and various performance is performed.

Hanaguruma Shrine Festival

The third October Saturday and Sunday

Three floats tow each neighborhood and string puppet dedication is performed.

The Fourteenth of July of autumn in Endoji town

Saturday and Sunday early in November/Endojishopping street

Flea markets, such as miscellaneous goods, a flower, eating and drinking, etc. which make France imagine, are located in a line.

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