Area ⑥The center in Nagoya-Sakae area

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Area ⑥

The Nagoya castle town (present)


The town in Nagoya became a burned field by the air raid of the World War II last stage. Maintenance of Hisayaodori Park was performed as part of a postwar reconstruction work. It is a grand enterprise which makes a park in the about 2km section of Sotoboridori street to the Wakamiyaodori street.Hisayaodori street was made by the both sides of the park. The Nagoya TV Tower was completed in June, 1954. AS the first broadcasting steel tower in Japan ,it was welcomed by citizens as a new landmark of Nagoya. Subway Meijo Line was built in the basement of HIsayaodori Park, and began business in 1965. Moreover, an underground shopping area, such as Nagoya Central Park, were also made. Then, maintenance of the park also progressed and institutions, such as Aichi Arts Center and Oasis 21(composite facilities), were also completed on the outskirts. Various events are held as main spot of Sakae town now during the weekend.

Recommended spot

Nagoya TV Tower

Built in 1954, Nagoya TV Tower was Japan's first integrated telecommunication tower. It was specified as registered tangible cultural property in 2005. Lighting was changed to LED lighting in 2014. Nagoya TV Tower is loved by citizens as a landmark of Sakae area still now.

The Aichi Arts Center

The Aichi Arts Center was opened in 1992. It consists of Prefectural Art Theater, Aichi Prefectural Arts Promotion Service, and the Aichi Prefectural Library.

Oasis 21

Oasis 21 was opened in 2002. A complex facility including commercial establishment, a public facility (a park and a bus terminal), etc. Mizu-no-uchusen(the spacecraft of the water) which exists right above an underground open space is a symbol of oasis 21.

Nagoya Central Park

Commercial establishment which exists in the basement of Hisaya Odori Park from Nishiki-dori to Sakura-dori. It connects with other underground centers in Sakae area, and the big underground center is formed on the whole.


SUNSHINE SAKAE is the commercial establishment opened in 2005.The night view of Nagoya can be enjoyed from a Ferris wheel. There is SKE48 theater in Building 2F.

The customary event of zone 6

Nagoya Akari Naight

From an end of the year to around the beginning of February

Nagoya Akari Naight is an illuminations event representing winter of Nagoya. LED of about 100,000 balls illuminates the town of Sakae Town brightly.

Tokugawa Muneharu Nishikidori Street Red Carpet Parade

The first Saturday of August/Nishikidori Street

In order to praise the distinguished services of Tokugawa Muneharu(the seventh lord of Owari feudal domain) and activate Nagoya, this festival is performed by the civic organization.

WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Nishikidori Street Red Carpet Parade

The first Saturdays of August/Nishikidori Street

As part of WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT, it cooperates with "Tokugawa Muneharu Nishikidori Street Red Carpet Parade" and is held every year. Cosplayers who came from every country in the world unfolds splendid performance.

The World Cosplay Championship

The first Saturdays of August Night/Aichi Arts Center

The splendid performance of cosplayers who participated in WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT is announced on the boards. Then, the champion of the year is chosen by the judges.

Christmas Carol [Eve My Youth!]

Sakae Central Park/December 24

Christmas Carol [Eve My Youth!] is performed every year at the night of Christmas Eve. The singing voice by the student of Seirei women's junior high school and a high school sounds in the night sky of winter of Nagoya.

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