Area ③The circumference of the Shirakawa Park

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Area ③

The Nagoya castle town (present)


Hommachi-dori was built in early stages of the Edo period as a basic road which connects Nagoya Castle to Atsuta.Miya-shuku was the biggest posting station in Tokaido and the amusement center located in the south in Atsuta Jingu. It was being crowded with the visitor and traveler of Atsuta Jingu shrine.

Hirokoji is a road of the large road width built as this measure since most under Nagoya Castle Town was burned down by the fire in early stages of the Edo period.It was crowded as a new amusement center of Nagoya Castle Town.

The minor temple was built in the south (present Shirakawa Park) of Hirokoji-honmachi crossing.After World War II, in present Shirakawa Park, the residence of the U.S. Forces was built and it was called Amerika-mura from citizens.It was returned in 1958 and Shirakawa Park was built. In 1962, the Nagoya science museum started business. Many visitors are visiting to the planetarium established newly in 2011.

Cultural facilities in zone3

Nagoya City Science Museum

Nagoya City Science Museum is a comprehensive science museum in Shirakawa Park. The new building equipped with a world's largest planetarium dome "Brother Earth" in March, 2011 opened.

Nagoya City Art Museum

Nagoya City Art Museum is an art museum in Shirakawa Park opened in 1988. It is known as builder Kurokawa Kisho's masterpiece. The standing exhibition and the special exhibition are performed. Although the work of the collection of the local writer was a center at the beginning, three genres, "Ecole de Paris", the "Mexico Renaissance", and "Contemporary Art", are added now.


SHIRAKAWA HALL was built as one of the foundation 100-year commemoration enterprises of Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited(The present Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited ). It is used as a middle-scale hole only for classical music.

Electricity Museum

The electric science museum is a science museum which was opened in 1986 and which carries out Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc. The display space can be studied being from the first floor to the fourth floor, and experiencing about electricity. The scientific experiment attraction is performed in the science plaza of the second floor.

The customary event of zone 3

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine Festival

May 15 and 16 days/Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine

May 15 and 16 days/Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine Wakamiya Hachiman is the Nagoya Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods) . The regularly held festival Wakamiya Matsuri of a shrine is known as one of the Nagoya 3 grand festivals. The procession of a portable shrine and a float will go back and forth between Wakamiya Hachiman and Nagono Shrine through Honmachi street on the 16th.

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