Area ②Horikawa River & Nayabashi Bridge

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The Nagoya castle town (present)


Horikawa River is the canal built when Nagoya Castle was built. It is a typical canal in Nagoya which connects from Atsuta to Nagoya Castle to north and south. Seven bridges were covered over the Edo period(1603-1868) and Horikawa River. The Nayabashi bridge was a typical bridge in it. Hiroi Mitsukura which was in Horikawa's south had stored rice in the food warehouse of the Owari feudal domain.

In Meiji Era, the prison had set at the former site.Those days, it was at the westernmost end of this hit Hirokoji-dori. It was extended at the time of the Nagoya station construction. The business of the streetcar was started between Hisaya-Nagoya stations in 1898.

Introduction around Nayabashi bridege,Hirokoji street

The Wakamiyaodori street is a trunk road which runs the central part in Nagoya to east and west. It has the width of 100m or more, and is also called a 100m road. Suzaki shrine is located in Horikawa's east, and faced the sea in ancient times. Susano-no-mikoto(God which appears in Japanese myths)is deified. The Shin Nagoya Musical Theatre in Horikawa's east is a theater only for Shiki Theatrical Company. It will build and transfer In the south of the Nagoya station in October, 2016. The Nayabashi bridge is built over Horikawa from the Nagoya Castle construction time. This bridge is one of the bridges known most in Nagoya. It is also pleasant to take a walk the promenade along Horikawa River around Nayabashi bridge. The old Kato company building is the place in which the Siam country (the present Kingdom of Thailand) was assigned.Now, there is a citizen gallery and the Thai food restaurant also does business. When you walk along Hirokoji street from Nayabashi bridge to Fushimi, there are the Richmond hotel, Hilton Hotel, and Nagoya Kanko Hotel on the outskirts. Moreover, it is also recommendation to enjoy Hirobura (The walk of Hirokojistreet), doing some shopping in the shopping center which leaves a retro atmosphere. Misonoza is a theater representing Nagoya opened in 1896. Now, it is [ rebuilding ] under construction and is due to complete at the end of 2017.

The customary event of zone 2

Horikawa flower festival

The beginning-the end of May/The circumference of Nayabashi bridge

This is the greatest event held in Horikawa River,and it is held by the citizen group every year for the Horikawa River reproduction. Operation of the gondola actually used in Venezia is also carried out.

Hirokoji street Summer Festival

Saturday and Sunday late in August/Hirokoji street

The big event of summer in Nagoya.A float, a music parade, etc. are performed and 500,000 or more gather.

Suzaki Shrine Paper Lantern Festival

July of third Saturday - Sunday/Suzaki Shrine

The festival transmitted from the Edo period to Suzaki Shrine. The figure turned on by a little more than 1,000 paper lanterns is visionary. Wakuguri is performed and it is believed that illness and evil are escaped.

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