Area ①The circumference of the Nagoya station

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Area ①

The Nagoya castle town (present)

History of the Nagoya station

Construction of Tokaido Line progressed and the Nagoya station started business in Sasashima (1887). Although HIrokoji Street was extended to Horikawa River's west then, it was lengthened to the Nagoya station. By commencement of business of the station, the population of Nagoya City also increased by leaps and bounds, and broke through 1 million people at the beginning of Showa Era.

The users of the Nagoya station also increased in number and construction of a new station is needed. A new station was completed in the present location of the north side from the former Nagoya station in 1937. The Nagoya station has contributed to development of Nagoya greatly after World War II also.

Japan National Railway's breakup and privatization was performed, and Central Japan Railway Co(JR Tokai) was established in 1987. The head office was assigned in Nagoya City.In 1993, the demolition work of the Nagoya station started for JR Central Towers construction. It became a cause of super skyscraper construction of Nagoya by JR Central Towers having been completed in 1999. In 2027, opening of traffic between Tokyo-Nagoya of the linear Chuo Shinkansen is planned, and the development around the Nagoya station is progressing towards it.

Introduction around the Nagoya station

In the Nagoya station west side, retro rows of houses remain compared with the east side of the station. In this area, new station construction of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen Line is planned. There is an animation vocational school etc. and the image as a young man's town is being established in recent years.Tsubaki fiesta is held in autumn every year.

The Yanagibashi central market is between Sakuradori street of the east side of the Nagoya station, and Nishikidori street.The private market made 100 years or more ago. A fresh fish is mainly treated and it is the national greatest in a private market. General entrance is also possible and many tourists are also visiting. It is the hidden recommended spot.

The customary event of zone 1

Nagoya Ekitopia Festival

End of April - the beginning of May/The circumference of the Nagoya station

Various events are unfolded during a term. Ekitopia Parade by the memorial marching band by the high school student and a junior high school student etc. is performed in the end of a term.

Meieki Takigi Noh

The end Sunday of July/JR Central Towers Garden

Takigi Noh is the form of traditional Noh performance in Japan. Around the stage, a bonfire is burned and Noh can perform.

Nagoyanishi TSUBAKI Fiesta

Saturday and Sunday in the end of early October - early November/Nagoya station west entrance circumference

This festival intercepts traffic of a part of Tsubakicho town in the Nagoya station west entrance, and is performed. This is a festival which enjoys a stage event, costume play, car painted with anime characters exhibition, etc.

Midland Square Christmas Concert

December 24 and 25 days/Midland Square

This concert is performed by the student of the Kinjo Gakuin junior high school and a high school. A performance of a hand bell etc. is performed.

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